Oxagile Gets into the Cloud

Oxagile Gets into the Cloud

The cloud brings a whole new experience and opportunities for companies to start their business, grow their business and optimize their business resources, and Oxagile is more than ready to help its clients reap these opportunities, now with direct support from Rackspace.

The cloud has matured from unruled hosting service into an entire ecosystem of IT management services that allows large companies, entrepreneurs and developers to literally shift their entire IT infrastructure into the cloud, host their enterprise solutions off-site, get configured development and testing platforms, and benefit from hosted cloud apps. In other words, in the cloud a business reaches the required level of agility to grow quickly and gets its hands freed to put in-house team efforts into the flagship activities rather than be tied by IT maintenance constraints.

Oxagile is all into agile work patterns and agile development principles as the company understands that going with the times to get an edge in a competitive landscape is as important for Oxagile team as it is for its customers. Oxagile is well familiar with how to advance a startup idea and get it quickly up and running; and knows how to remain agile on a large project with constantly changing requirements. Oxagile-Rackspace partnership is another step towards this longed-for agility paramount for Oxagile customers.

Rackspace is a cloud provider that offers a range of enterprise hosting options from public and managed clouds to hybrid hosting alternatives. The company gives its clients a choice whether to opt for on-premise server management with managed hosting, completely shift to cloud-based services or distribute its data centers both in-house and off-site with Rackspace. Rackspace can also boast great offerings for entrepreneurial developers and startups in the infancy stages. With pay-as-you-go hosting, startup companies can hit the ground running at minimal costs and ramp-up their capacities just when they really need it.

Partnering with Rackspace means that Oxagile gains access to the provider’s knowledgebase and quality direct support from Rackers. In turn, Oxagile customers get prime development services and smooth deployment of their SaaS and business process management solutions in the cloud to reap the benefits in the long run.

Source: Oxagile

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