Paata Letodiani: “Outsourcing as a Trend for the Future”

Paata Letodiani: “Outsourcing as a Trend for the Future”

October 29, 2012 the Softengi Company, which is a part of Intecracy Group, became one of the first IT companies in Ukraine, which opened a representative office in Georgia. The official Softengi representative in Georgia will be Paata Letodiani – the head of the Intecracy Group regional office.

Dear Paata, congratulations on the start of formal cooperation with one of the first Ukrainian outsourcing companies in Georgia. We know that you have previously worked with the company Softline, part of which three years ago was the Softengi Company, and this year was started a new phase of cooperation. How and when was the beginning of cooperation with this company?

Indeed, I have been working with Softengi while ago and we had already implemented successful projects. The most interesting of them I would call the project with the Bank of Georgia. Major feature of this project was the fact that in the absence of the Georgian language pack for MS SharePoint, the system localized for Georgian user interface.

What is currently happening in the IT industry in Georgia and in particular in the field of outsourcing? What kind of competition in the market?

In Georgia the IT industry is developing rapidly. Since the public sector of the country almost completely passed on information technology usage, and the state provides services to the citizens in a fully electronic form, it caused the development of information technologies in the commercial sector, especially banks and other financial institutions. We may see information technology in the lives of people everywhere in Georgia now. There is also active development in the field of outsourcing. Saturation of economy with the different types of systems and solutions created the need for so-called “foreign-made things”, which in turn caused an increase in demand for outsourcing. The competition, of course, is high, as in any other sector. But each company has its own advantages, which should be reasonably and properly displayed in the market.

Is it true that the information technology industry in Georgia is now one of the most promising and fast growing industries?

As I said, information technologies are developing rapidly in Georgia. But to say that now this industry is the leader among others is difficult. Comparing the statistics is not always justified, but of course, this is one of the most promising sectors of business, both in Georgia and around the world. In this sense, Georgia is not very different from other countries. Because what is happening in the global IT industry – convergence of technologies, synergy of devices, conceptual change in the approaches to the use of information and similar trends – makes it the most popular around the world. It may yet be the most popular, but after food and energy sectors – yet even “IT-guys” need to eat sometimes, and computer needs first electricity to work.

What are the prospects of the IT industry development in Georgia, which you see in the next 5-7 years?

I think in the next few years we will shift to transcendental cloud technologies, maybe even to private clouds. Further, I think that it will stabilize and identify needs. In general, it is very difficult to predict anything in the IT field at this rate of development. Because it is already being developed and there are prototypes of quantum computers. With their advent such things as common approach to information retrieval will change, and the search will take place by other principles and rules. By itself it will cause a change in the other approaches and concepts. And, with this rate of technology development, we may be able to see such technology even earlier than in seven years.

What could be interesting in Ukrainian outsourcing companies for Georgian customers? What distinguishes them from other companies in other countries?

In business, tied to information technology, in principle, there are no administrative boundaries. Especially in such a specific industry as outsourcing. Ukrainian companies are ready to provide quality services, and their services are much cheaper than European companies. For example, Softengi is a company with extensive experience in outsourcing and the experience of creating and maintaining large projects. It is always interesting and always a competitive advantage, of course, which is interesting for Georgian consumers as well. Based on experience with Softengi, I can say with confidence that the difference from other outsourcing companies is that they are “confined” under outsourcing, respectively when creating a joint project, customers get access not only to the entire company gained experience but also to the access to a wide choice of technology and resources. For example, there is possible outsourcing of the rare coding languages or the use of new approaches to the formulation of objectives. For example, Softengi employees include not only programmers, but also business analysts, testers, and other high-class specialists, which allow you to create complete solutions for business and cooperation, which may yield more interesting and productive. Developing systems for “individual measures” requires from the company not only programming skills, but also the experience of complex projects as such. Therefore, I see the prospects of cooperation between the Georgian companies with outsourcing companies that have such potential, which can be successfully implemented in Georgia.

Source: Softengi

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