Partnership with Mulesoft

Partnership with Mulesoft

Beginning this fall, CROZ became an official partner for the American company Mulesoft’s products and services whose business is founded on an exceptionally open implementation of ESB (software bus, Enterprise Service Bus), key elements of every SOA environment.

The Mule ESB Community Edition is the most useful open source bus, but its real value is presented by Mule ESB Enterprise Edition, the supplemented and strengthened edition which comes hand in hand with products of large software players.

The sole fact that Mule ESB is used in over 3000 production environments and that 5 of 10 of the largest banks, in other words 35% of companies from Global 500, implement Mule ESB is a sufficient enough indicator of the product’s quality. Mulesoft is especially proud of its implementation in the company H&R Block, which specializes in supporting the calculations of annual income tax where production workload successfully carries no less than 13,000 servers with Mule ESB!

Along with Mule ESB, Mulesoft offers theTCat – Enterprise Tomcat Server, a fully supported implementation of Apache Tomcat with additional ”enterprise” features, and Mule iON, an integration platform ”in a cloud”, for those who don’t want to worry about infrastructure but need a stable and powerful integration environment.

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