Perfectial to Sponsor and Participate in Malta Blockchain Summit

Perfectial to Sponsor and Participate in Malta Blockchain Summit

Perfectial representatives will be attending Malta Blockchain Summit on November 1-2. The company is also sponsoring the event.

The blockchain event will gather over 5,000 delegates, 100 distinguished speakers, and hundreds of investors. Malta’s Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, will open the conference. The speakers will include such prominent personas in the blockchain world as W. Scott Stornetta, blockchain’s co-inventor, and John McAfee, a crypto visionary.

Malta Blockchain Summit will feature four conferences, each devoted to different industry aspects such as regulation and investment, marketing and affiliation, fintech, tokenomics, cryptocurrencies and blockchain for developers.

During the summit, attendees will discuss the latest blockchain developments, participate in discussions. ICO startups will have a unique opportunity to pitch their ideas to potential contributors. Blockchain won’t the single subject of the summit.  AI, Big Data, Quantum Technology, and IoT are among the topics on the agenda. The first two days will also feature Blockchain Hackathon with a 50,000 euro worth in crypto prize.

Perfectial’s CTO and co-founder, Ivan Kohut along with company’s VP Business Development, Viktor Yanchak will attend the summit to exhibit the company, discuss the future of blockchain technology, and communicate with potential partners.

Perfectial has been actively invested in researching and developing its blockchain expertise. Having acknowledged that cryptocurrencies are the future of payments, the company has recently started accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment option.

Perfectial at Malta Blockchain Summit

About Malta Blockchain Summit

Malta Blockchain Forum is one of the biggest blockchain events in Europe. It’s devoted to the latest blockchain developments, AI, Big Data, Quantum Technology, and IoT. The summit consists of four conferences covering regulation and investment, marketing and affiliation, tokenomics, fintech, cryptocurrencies and blockchain for developers. It will feature 100 speakers and expected to gather over 5,000 delegates, investors, and ICO startups.

About Perfectial

Perfectial is a custom software development company committed to excellence in developing innovative applications for a range of businesses in Europe and the U.S. Perfectial’s competence in working with modern platforms and frameworks is recognized and highly valued by our customers and partners.

With over 200 professionals in-house, including project managers, solutions architects, .Net, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python and Node.js developers, UI/UX design and Quality Assurance teams, we offer full-cycle of outsourcing software development: from initial identification of business requirements to system testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Using the blockchain technology, we help firms transact faster, more transparently and efficiently. Our main areas of expertise are cryptocurrencies as payment method for online businesses, Smart Contracts programming (Ethereum), crypto trading, custodial and non-custodial exchanges, DEXs, private blockchains (Hyperledger project), and crypto-tokens & ICOs.

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