Perfectial Launches New Website

Perfectial Launches New Website

Perfectial, a custom software development company, launches its new website. A sophisticated minimalist approach, structured menu, bold design – these features can’t go amiss while browsing through Perfectial’s new website. For the last couple of months Pixetic, the creative unit within Perfectial, has been working on this project that would reflect the latest company’s vision, ambition, and capability.

“Those who have been following Perfectial for quite a while might have noticed that we refresh our website every once in a while”, says Bohdan Romanko, the UI/UX designer who was heavily involved in the ideation and implementation of the new website. “In previous iterations, we tried to follow the trends by adding videos, flat icons, popular color schemes. But so did the other companies in the industry. This time we decided to create something different, a design that would stand out from the crowd”.

“We say this new Perfectial’s website is design agnostic”, adds Nazar Kulynyak, the senior UX expert who was leading the project along with Romanko. “First of all, design has to work and then – look nicely. The purpose of any company’s website is to inform, and our latest design speaks for itself – what we do, our approach, best practices, success stories, etc. Clear colors, simple shapes and typography, because you need nothing else to spotlight the content”, concludes Nazar.

Modular design, dynamic CMS, clear-cut color palette together with great UX make new Perfectial’s website more mature and business-oriented. This approach is coherent with the latest company’s developments – substantial growth (in 2018 Perfectial has opened its offices in Ivano-Frankivsk and Kyiv), recent customer engagements and bold plans for the future.

“In the past year Perfectial as a company rose to a new level – in the light of customers we work for, services we provide, technology we utilize and talents we engage with”, – explains Ivan Kohut, CTO of Perfectial. “Thus, we needed the design that would exhibit this development – distinguished, confident and business-oriented. Besides, with the launch of the subsidiary brand – Pixetic design studio – Perfectial emphasizes visual design and UX even more.”

The new website will eventually influence Perfectial’s visual design pieces – advertisements, illustrations, social media, etc to establish the unified brand perception by all audiences.


Source: Perfectial


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