T-Mobile Poland monitors heterogeneous network

T-Mobile Poland monitors heterogeneous network

T-Mobile Poland (T-Mobile Polska) has deployed a network monitoring and analysis platform from Accedian Networks, writes Richard Wilson.
Mobile operators require network core-to-edge and multi-domain traffic monitoring coverage.

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While expanding its footprint in Eastern Europe, T-Mobile Poland found that inconsistent nationwide backhaul network performance visibility made it difficult to identify and troubleshoot network problems and satisfy QoS requirements.

“The Accedian performance monitoring solution gives us a complete view of network performance and met all our cost and performance objectives,”

said Maciej Rozowicz, transmission access and aggregation section manager at T-Mobile Poland.

The V-NID platform allows T-Mobile Poland to view network performance holistically over its national footprint, which allows the operator to identify the origins of any issues that arise and to be proactive with operations and maintenance.

Henrik Nydell, product manager, Accedian Networks believes the collaboration means that

“nearly 16 million T-Mobile customers now experience optimized service reliability, quality, and performance.”

T-Mobile’s integrator partner, AM Technologies Poland installed, configured and tested within a year, ahead of schedule.

“This was a complicated project, because it spanned a heterogeneous network, with many technologies, network equipment vendors’ equipment, and different protocol domains,”

said Władysław Misztal, telecom sales manager, AM Technologies Poland.

“We would normally expect several months more effort and many more operational obstacles to complete a project of this scale where interoperability is a key factor.”

Mobile World Congress 2015 takes place in Barcelona 2-5 March.


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