Preparing for the 6th International conference of FOSS developers and users

SaM Solutions will traditionally sponsor and take an active part in the 6th International conference of developers and users of Free / Open Source software (FOSS) – Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe (LVEE 2010) – Tourist camp “Chimik” located near Grodno will be home for participants from Belarus and neighboring countries for four days (01-04 July). The very first LVEE meeting in 2005, which gathered more than 80 developers, innovators and users of Linux and other free software from Belarus, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine, was also organized and sponsored by SaM Solutions Company.

The International conference of developers and users of FOSS is the central part of LVEE. The goals of the Conference are to give the participants an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, to organize discussions on the latest technological developments in open-source projects. The program of the event covers the following topics and reports:

  • Implementation of open source software solutions in business, education and state structures;
  • Software development based on open source products (tools, libraries, software environment);
  • Embedded systems (telephony, TV stations, GPS, remote access systems and Internet charging);
  • System integration and administration;
  • Development and maintenance of HiLoad and distributed systems;
  • Reports of large FOSS projects participants on the current status of these projects;
  • Licensing, open standards and legal registration issues, etc.

The event is aimed to help the participants to establish new contacts, to exchange ideas, and to acquire support of the open source community.

SaM employees actively participate in the work of Belarusian Linux Community and Minsk Linux Users Group, as software development for Linux platforms and using open-source projects is one of the company’s technology specializations. SaM Solutions has over 10 years of experience in embedded Linux development, virtualization solutions, network server software, system integration of heterogeneous computing environment, cross-platform software development and porting of existing applications – everywhere where there is currently a need in FOSS solutions.

Source: SaM Solutions

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