Project Management in Global Software Development

Though there are many risks and challenges involved in global software development, the steep rise in globalization in the minds of young generation finally paves the way for software development offshore. Let us discuss how the projects are managed in offshore software development consulting.

Most of the software projects are unique and innovative which involves a lot of risks on the way products are conceptualized, conceived, designed, developed and delivered to clients. These risks are very well managed through documentation.

Documentation is nothing but a study and analysis of our success and failures while developing software in the format of papers. This documentation will eventually help us to handle the complex nature of the project efficiently. Unfortunately many offshore countries do not document them resulting in poor risk management.

To ensure the transparency of the software development in terms of security, the offshore consulting should produce an empirical security policy. This security policy will answer all the questions of the client’s review.

The linking or connectivity between the ODC and the client’s network should involve modern techniques to experience a better communication. The configuration management must be implemented properly in order to make the client to feel virtually that the offshore developers are their on-site developers and not remote developers. Better configuration management will avoid unauthorized intrusion, hackers and virus threat.

The offshore companies should protect their legal and intellectual properties. Trade secrets, customer data and financial information must be managed safely as many third world countries do not have an established law against cyber crime to investigate and prosecute the injustice happening through cyberspace.

Therefore regular security reviews, proper documentation and policy procedures, transparent offshore model, clear configuration between the offshore data center and the client must be handled properly while undertaking offshore projects to ensure better risk and project management in offshore outsourcing consulting.

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