Python for Non-Programmers

Python for Non-Programmers
Start: October 13, 2014
End: October 16, 2014
Address: Warsaw, Poland
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This course is designed for participants without any prior programming experience.

Prerequisites are only some experience with an operating system and a general understanding of common computer task such as office software or similar applications.

Course Content:

The basics of programming are explained systematically using Python.

This includes:

  • Comparison of different contemporary programming languages in terms of functionality, application as well as advantages and disadvantages;
  • Data types, values, and variables;
  • Expressions and statements;
  • Operators;
  • Functions;
  • Flow of control;
  • Loops;
  • Strings;
  • Lists, tuples;
  • Dictionaries;
  • Handling of files;
  • Object orientation:
    • Classes;
    • Methods;
    • Inheritance;
    • Polymorphism.
  • Programming praxis:
    • Development environments;
    • Debugging;
    • Types of development.

All topics are introduced with examples. Each topic is immediately applied in computer exercises.

Course Duration: 4 days.


The participants can follow all steps directly on their computers. There are exercises at the end of each unit providing ample opportunity to apply the freshly learned knowledge.

Course Material:

Every participant receives comprehensive printed materials that cover the whole course content as wells a CD with all source codes and used software.

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