QAwerk At Collision in Toronto

Collision 2019 in Toronto

This May QAwerk team took a trip all the way to Canada to attend Collision. With the capacity of the event being 25 000 attendees, it is one of the biggest tech conferences in North America.

Collision stands out as a conference that does not discriminate against startups by industries. It is a great opportunity to meet experts representing a large variety of different spheres. Some of them you would probably never expected to see!

Many platforms and apps for different industries were presented there. For example:

  • marketing platform that empowers businesses to increase their online exposure,
  • voting tool that allows voters to make informed decisions regarding the politicians they plan to vote for,
  • health app that allows those interested in leading a healthier lifestyle to connect for dining and networking purposes,
  • payment app that rewards you while supporting merchants in your local area.

Of course, before presenting your product at such a conference, you need to be sure it is perfect. And the best way of convincing potential investors and users of the reliability of an app is its testing. However, not all apps were flawless, so the QAwerk team eagerly made new friends and hopefully future partners ready to work on the quality of innovative products.

For many attendees, Collision is always an unforgettable experience! QAwerk team was also happy to meet Ukrainians that work in local Toronto companies and learn a lot about IT in Canada through them.

QAWerk at Collision

Source: QAWerk

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