Qualium Systems Will Participate in No. 1 Event for the Digital World 2013

Qualium Systems Will Participate in No. 1 Event for the Digital World 2013

5-9  March 2013 Qualium Systems will participate in No. 1 Event for the Digital World 2013 (CeBIT)   in Hannover, Germany.

CeBIT is the world’s largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions.
After “Cloud Technology” in 2011 and “Managing Trust” in 2012, “Shareconomy” is the keynote theme for CeBIT 2013. “Shareconomy” describes the societal shift from owning to sharing.

According to Pörschmann, this is evident in several dimensions: “First, Shareconomy is profoundly influencing enterprise processes, because social media tools will become more and more popular. Second, the Internet is the place for teamwork, both in and outside the company. Partners, consultants, suppliers and customers will be more closely integrated as part of a networked process. The borders separating companies and organizations will become ever more transparent.

“Cloud-based applications are clearly on the rise, and have now earned user trust. CeBIT will spotlight this sweeping trend that emphasizes sharing knowledge, resources and experience to create new forms of collaboration,” said Frank Pörschmann, Member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe. “New information and communications technologies provide the foundation. The sharing phenomenon is proving in all of its facets to be a pivotal factor in achieving responsible growth.”

CeBIT 2013 will consist of four application-oriented platforms – pro, gov, lab, and life – that focus on information technology, telecommunications, electronics and on-line media. Keynotes and forums at the CeBIT Global Conferences deliver an overview of the digital world’s core markets.

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