Querix, Ltd. continues the expansion of its sales, support and distribution network in Europe

Querix, Ltd. continues the expansion of its sales, support and distribution network in Europe. Querix has named MoreData Lda as their exclusive Lycia® distributors for Portugal in Jun, 2010.


  • Full-range of services – Consulting, Training, Development, Integration and Maintenance
  • 25+ years experience in IT for International Commerce, Public Administration, Telco, Industry, Finance, etc.
  • Global partnership network covering Portuguese speaking countries all over the world as well as Europe and USA
  • Fast paced teams, with high mobility, mean excellent service available anywhere

MoreData is a reliable partner for any type of IT project outsourcing, anywhere in the world. We proud ourselves of the ability to adapt to different cultures, technologies and businesses. Aiming always for high ROI, we combine technological knowledge with total commitment to customer satisfaction.

Reliable Information Systems, anywhere, anytime

Every organization needs information built to it’s image. Information Systems are increasingly used outside the organization’s physical boundaries, to access and collect data anywhere in the globe. Their users can be anyone, from employees to potential customers and other stakeholders. MoreData creates flexible and powerful Information Systems, with traditional rich interfaces, complemented with secure accesses via the Internet or mobile terminals.

A team of experts ready to listen

MoreData has a team of knowledgeable Software and Systems Engineers, highly motivated, always available to listen, study and find solutions to the specific problems of each customer.

MoreData has been asked to participate in projects in many business types, covering the main sectors of economical activity.

Focus on productivity, quality and security

MoreData evaluates, systematically, all new IT technologies and methodologies. Those considered most reliable and productive are then included in the range of tools used in our company’s projects. Our team is subjected to regular training on productivity, service quality, systems security, etc.

International experience

MoreData is a member of the EurTradeNet Alliance, a group of European companies providing pan-European services for International Commerce.

MoreData participates in several multinational projects, commercial and open-source.

MoreData’s CTO is member of the Board of Directors of the International IBM Informix User’s Group.

Broad offer of services

MoreData offers a large set of services and software solutions for complex organizations, both for management level and information systems level:

  • Consulting & Training
  • Systems Integration & Development Outsourcing
  • Remote Systems Administration & DBA
  • Querix 4GL, Linux and Open Source Software Support
  • EurTradeNet UIDS & MSP
  • Software Solutions
  • IBM Informix specialized services
  • Querix Lycia development, consulting and sales services

Source: Querix

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