Reksoft delivers middleware solution to Italy

Reksoft, a leading provider of software development services from Eastern Europe and a part of Technoserv Group, today announced completing another project stage for KLever, the Italian provider of solutions for integrated process management and workflow for the enterprise banking and financial sector.

KLever develops and deploys its own suite of applications under the DokCRM name. This product is based on open source components. It boasts flexibility, exceptional performance and scalability, and offers a high degree of adaptation to the requirements of the end customer. Due to the use of a standardised cross-platform middleware technology based on the enterprise service bus, the solutions built with the use of KLever DokCRM Suite allow customers to integrate legacy systems into a single information environment within almost any IT infrastructure.

Reksoft is participating in the development of three major product components: the Eclipse-based graphical editor for business applications; the BPEL-processes execution environment utilizing the principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA); and the administrative web console, which provides functions for operational monitoring and control for executing the business transactions. In this case, the end customers get not only a ready-made, effective solution for information sharing in a heterogeneous environment, but also the possibility to tune the company’s business logic themselves in a changing market.

Currently, there are a number of similar integration systems on the market, which are supported by IBM, Oracle, and Software AG. However, all these products are classified as proprietary software, so the final customer cannot independently change software components to fit their needs. Secondly, these solutions are very expensive. By contrast, the solution created by Reksoft for KLever offers a relatively low cost of ownership and does not entail the cost of a license.

Collaboration between Reksoft and KLever has been going on for more than two years.

Daniele Citterio, Klever CEO says: “We were looking for a technical partner that would be able to support us in the long-term development of our solutions portfolio. In Reksoft we found highly skilled and reliable professionals bringing to our product team additional experience in implementing cutting edge technologies.”

«Cooperation with KLever strengthens both Reksoft competence in software engineering for ISVs and in system integration. Having such a client in our portfolio is an honour to Reksoft and a challenge to stay ahead of the latest technologies,» — says Alexander Egorov, Reksoft CEO.

Source: Reksoft
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