Reksoft Reps Spoke on Advanced Technology at Russia’s Premiere Software Engineering Conference

Reksoft Reps Spoke on Advanced Technology at Russia’s Premiere Software Engineering Conference

Reksoft, a leading software development outsourcing provider in Eastern Europe and part of Technoserv Group, today announced SECR 2012 – Software Engineering Conference Russia featured Reksoft speakers.

Organized since 2005, CEE-SECR ( is the key annual software event in Central and Eastern Europe that is regularly attended by more than a thousand participants from the local industry.

Initially positioned as an event for Russia-based audience, this year SECR attracted speakers and participants from 15 countries. Packed with world-class presentations and conversations, thought leaders and subject matter experts addressed the latest business and technical challenges and solutions in the IT world.

Yulian Larionov, Reksoft Quality Director, was honoured to speak at the conference on the possibilities and limitations of statistic models approach in project management. Yulian shared his views on the proactive approach to project management based on quantitative forecast of possible deviations from project goals. He pointed out that since forecasts are made on the basis of the current information about development stages and processes, an organization has to build a statistic forecast model and be ready to foresee a number of pitfalls in using this model.

Another speaker from Reksoft, Andrey Smirnov addressed attendees of the SECR with the presentation on development of distributed fault-tolerant systems on Erlang, a general-purpose programming language and runtime environment with built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance. Andrey underlined the importance of the reliability and effective performance requirements for today’s information systems and higher costs for failures and downtime. All this makes developers look for alternative means of achieving load balancing and fault tolerance, which are both available in Ericsson’s Erlang with minimal effort. Andrey supported his presentation with the project cases from Reksoft experience.

“It is a great honour for Reksoft presentations to be accepted in the main conference track at SECR. For us, this conference does not only give excellent networking opportunities with peers from leading Russian and international IT companies but also it is a one-stop knowledge base for getting access to top-notch technologies of today,” says Nickolay Sokornov, Director of Software Engineering at Reksoft.

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