Revenue of Baltic Data Center grew by 25.4 percent in 2010

In 2010 revenue of Baltic Data Center, a leader in the management of data centers and information systems in the Baltic States, was LTL 49.8 million, an increase by 25.4 per cent over the revenue of LTL 39.7 million in 2009. The revenue growth of the company belonging to TEO Group resulted from expansion of web-hosting business and development of virtual resource services.

When in September of the previous year Baltic Data Center acquired 100 per cent stake in the Internet service company Hostex, the number of its controlled data centres has increased up to seven, which enabled to offer new services to the customers and to improve the quality thereof.

In June, an upgraded data centre of Baltic Data Center started its operation in Vilnius, where for the first time in the Central and Eastern Europe the KyotoCooling technology for server cooling was employed. This system, which cools servers with outdoor air, consumes 8 times less electricity and is much more eco-friendly. TEO Group invested 5.8 million LTL into the new data centre.

According to Saulius Markunas, Director of Baltic Data Center, the largest in Lithuania data centre infrastructure as well as created new services will become a solid foundation for the company’s further expansion upon recovery of both our country’s and the whole region’s economy.

“This year, we are also planning to actively offer to the country’s public sector the virtual-resource or cloud-computing solutions which are already actively used by business companies”, – S. Markunas said.

In July, the international certification company Inspecta Certification confirmed the validity of the ISO 27001 information security standard certificate of Baltic Data Center. Baltic Data Center is the first IT services management company in the Baltic States, which has been awarded this certificate, and the only one in Lithuania, for which its validity has been confirmed already for the fourth year in a row.

Last year, Baltic Data Center became a gold business partner of software producer Oracle – the company was among the first companies in the Baltic States which were granted the “Oracle Gold Partner” status. The company has also become a certified partner of business software producer SAP.

The number of employees at Baltic Data Center, which is  expanding its activities, had increased by a sixth during the year – at the end of 2010 the company employed 210 technology specialists.

About Baltic Data Center

Baltic Data Center, a company belonging to TEO LT, AB Group, is a leader in the management of data centers and information systems in the Baltic States. The company owns seven modern data centers, which meet the highest requirements of security, and is the first company in its sector in the Baltic States the activities of which have been evaluated with the international certificate of compliance with the ISO 27001 standard.

Baltic Data Center services are trusted and used by the largest Lithuanian and foreign companies. The main focus of the continuously-growing company is on ensuring customers’ business continuity, security, cost savings and competitiveness.

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