Rid the Outsourcing Industry of Cheesy Sales Presentations

Rid the Outsourcing Industry of Cheesy Sales Presentations
Start: December 7, 2011 11:00 am
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Fed up with those whiffs of camembert emanating from those sales decks illustrating 92 beautifully-crafted graphical representations of offshore transition methodology, global delivery models and the latest “unique” roadmap to achieving innovation?

So how can you make the sales process smell less like a Wisconsin dairy farm?  Easy – simply join us for our next web event, where we’ll discuss – and officially answer – these questions:

  • Which common presentation practices are actually detrimental to the efforts?
  • What are buyer’s pet peeves during sales pitches?
  • What can buyers do to improve the quality of the communications they receive?
  • How do successful presenters manage time and use tools like powerpoint?
  • What makes a presentation memorable?
  • In outsourcing pitches, how can you achieve differentiation?
  • How can you separate the hype from the actual capabilities of a provider?

Watch the sparks fly as HfS COO Esteban Herrera leads the discussion with these four cheese-busting industry luminaries:

Kevin Judice: CIO, PNM Resources (Rumored to turn up to sales pitches with a 12-bore)
John Gustafson: VP, Energy & Utilities, Wipro (Has the bullet-holes to prove it)
David Poole : Former CEO, Americas BPO, CapGemini (A reformed fondue expert and expert salesman)
Chip Wagner: Managing Director, Alsbridge (As immune to the niff of gorgonzola as a veteran fromagère)


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