Romanians move their business to Bulgaria for taxes reasons

One of Romania’s leading companies has announced it is outsourcing its business to Bulgaria, the Romanian newspaper Evenimentul Zilei said Wednesday, BTA Daily News said.

InterAgro SA is one of the top three Romanian companies with private capital, judging by its commercial turnover. The company’s turnover for 2009 was 315 million euro, 70 per cent down from 2008 when it came up to 538 million euro.

‘I want to move the head office of InterAgro to Bulgaria in September,’ President Ioan Niculae was quoted as saying. ‘By then, the company’s documents will be translated into Bulgarian. I prefer to pay a flat tax of 10 per cent and to pay taxes to the Bulgarian state, paying only property tax in Romania.

I am fed up with the measures applied by the government and the enormous pressure on businessmen on the part of the secret services. I do not want to be eavesdropped non-stop day and night only because I am a Romanian entrepreneur,’ Niculae, who is also the company’s owner, said. Managers of foreign companies’ local branches are equally disappointed. 

The business accuses the government of incompetence, chaos, and amateurishness, the Romanian newspaper observed.


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