RUSNANOTECH 2011: SITRONICS Demonstrates RFID Tags for Various Industries

RUSNANOTECH 2011: SITRONICS Demonstrates RFID Tags for Various Industries

SITRONICS (LSE:SITR), a leading provider of telecommunications, IT and microelectronics solutions in Russia and the CIS, demonstrated its innovative RFID solutions for the retail sector, the forestry sector, livestock farming and logistics at RUSNANOTECH 2011, the International Forum for Nanotechnology.

During RUSNANOTECH 2011, a demo window of a high-technology store was presented in the ‘Store of the Future’ booth. It’s a new project format for the retail industry, jointly created by ROSNANO, X5 Retail Group and SITRONICS. The distinguishing feature of this store is that goods are marked with RFID tags rather than traditional bar codes, which allows for the remote data capture. RFID tags attached to products in a shop emit signals, which allows shelf items to be managed using the accounting system. This will help manage item availability in the salesroom, combat counterfeit and thievery more effectively, improve warehouse logistics, minimise the probability of expired items being displaying, enable purchases without cashier assistance and eliminate long queues. The advantages of the ‘Store of the Future’, which was decorated as supermarket Perekrestok, were appreciated by Russian president Dmitry Medvedev who was among first customers.

“The store presented during the forum is not a model, but a fully functional solution, embracing the complete purchase cycle, starting from selecting the item in the window to paying for it without cashier assistance,” said Mikhail Minkovsky, Vice President of New Technologies for SITRONICS. “As part of the project, SITRONICS acted as technological partner and took part in every phase of the project, including integration and set-up of equipment, design and manufacture of RFID tags and antennas as well as customisation of the payment system.”

In addition to that, during RUSNANOTECH 2011, SITRONICS demonstrated RFID solutions for timber and mail logistics. RFID tags placed on envelopes and parcels instead of bar codes help optimise logistics processes, minimise human-factor impacts, reduce delivery time and track all mail in every part of its route.

SITRONICS solutions for tagging timber make it possible to automate accounting for felling, enable transport and classification monitoring as well as identify each piece of timber, which eliminates the possibility of substitution and illegal felling and delivery of timber. Using RFID offers similar advantages for forestries. Thus, a tag implanted in a tree could carry information on the species, location and time of felling, timber specifications, its intended purpose, etc. SITRONICS solutions for forestry facilitate accounting and data updates with regard to forests and improve protection of rare and precious species of trees.

SITRONICS also offers RFID solutions for livestock farming, which allow for the automation of farms, including monitoring of gains of weight and milk yield, keeping up with the vaccination schedule, management of livestock movements,etc. These solutions may also be applied effectively for accounting purposes, for protection and research of rare species of animals and for preventing poaching.


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