Russian IT market: FY2010 summary

Russian IT market: FY2010 summary

CNews, Russia’s largest IT analyst agency and media portal, has revealed an overview of the Russian IT market’s results for FY2010. According to a CNews survey, the revenue of the top 100 Russian IT companies increased by 45% in 2010. These results include all types of companies: hardware and software vendors, resellers and service providers.

This stunning result demonstrates the full recovery of Russian IT market from the economy slowdown and even significant growth. Pent-up demand realization and growth of public and healthcare sectors (with a market share of nearly 30%) resulted in a big IT boost in 2010.

Meanwhile the IT outsourcing sector is also increasing according to the preliminary results of a recent survey carried out by the Russian Software Development Outsourcing Association (Russoft). Though the Russian outsourcing industry results in 2011 are much more modest (Russoft’s prediction was not more than 13%), the figures look robust; because the industry didn’t shrink during the economic crisis, we shouldn’t expect a significant bounce now. Moreover, the figures exceed the growth rate of the world outsourcing market of 5% (according to Everest Group data).

Among the most significant trends for Russian market Cnews names the cloud computing, virtualization, data center development, lean production and process management.

Source: Reksoft
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