Russian Student Creates Keyboard Pattern-Recognition System

Russian Student Creates Keyboard Pattern-Recognition System

Ivan Gorbunov, a graduate student at Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics has developed a pattern-recognition system that distinguishes an individual’s personal style of typing, which he proposes to use as an addition security feature in concert with standard passwords.

“My system records the time intervals between keystrokes and for how long a person hold each key down,”

said Gorbunov.

“Everyone has a specific patter of pauses. I’ve never seen any two people use a keyboard in the same way.”

The program registers and analyzes the speed with which a person clicks on a key and how long they are held down. At the same time, the software can track incremental changes and adjust for them.

If, for example, an individual changes keyboards, becomes tired or returns to the computer after an absence, the system will compare the input of the password with the most recent data it has on file. If there are any changes in the input pattern, the system offers other methods to access the computer.

The program has already been tested at Tomsk’s special economic zone (SEZ), where it is used for remote access.

A login and password are issued to users that is tied to their own individual typing style, making it impossible for another person, even with the username and password, to log in.

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