RUSSOFT General Meeting will Take Place at the CEE-SECR 2012

RUSSOFT General Meeting will Take Place at the CEE-SECR 2012

RUSSOFT Association will hold its annual General Meeting during the CEE-SECR 2012. The meeting will take place on 31st of October in the Digital October Center (Moscow).

All members are invited to participate. The RUSSOFT General Meeting is held annually and, as the highest body of the Association, is used to determine the priorities and to elect its President and the Board.

For the members of the association it provides not only the opportunity to influence the development of association but also a great chance to meet each other personally and to discuss the most pressing issues.
And – to visit the most important event in the software industry – CEE-SECR 2012.

Organized since 2005, Software Engineering Conference (Russsia) is the key annual software event in Central and Eastern Europe that is regularly attended by about 1000 participants from local industry. Our total reach is over 1 million software and IT people from CEE region (online + media coverage).

The conference was initially positioned as a Russian event; however, it attracted speakers from 20 countries and regular attendees from even more places, so in 2009 the conference was repositioned as a CEE event.

The conference employs a double-blind review process producing a high quality program with acceptance rate about 35%. The list of keynote speakers from previous conferences includes Bjarne Stroustrup, Jeff Sutherland, Bertrand Meyer, Thomas Erl, Richard Mark Soley, Grady Booch, Ivar Jacobson, Erich Gamma, Michael Cusumano, Larry Constantine, Lars Bak, Michael Fagan, Bill Hefley, Rick Kazman, Yuri Gurevich, Steve Masters, Mark Paulk and other software thought leaders as well as VP-s and Technical Fellows of major high-tech corporations.

The conference was supported by such companies as Adobe, EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, ORACLE, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, T-Systems, VMWare and others. It is also endorsed by the most of key local software/IT associations.

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