S&T implements E-Government Portal in Serbia

A big step forward in providing electronic services for citizens.

S&T implemented a national Internet portal for the Serbian government, helping to make communications between citizens and public authorities more accessible and efficient. Each user can fill in electronic forms, sign them digitally, pay taxes and use more than 50 different online services. This number will rise to over 500 during the next two years.

In order to improve the efficiency and access to public information and administrative procedures, the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society decided to set up a national portal (www.euprava.gov.rs). S&T Serbia with help from S&T Croatia implemented the unique access point for providing electronic public services which mainly targets citizens but businesses and officials do also benefit.

One of the major goals of the project was to increase the efficiency and transparency of Serbia’s public administration, as well as offer new channels and quick access to comprehensive information and services. The solution was carefully designed to provide complex functionalities, ensure high performance and reliability, and to be secure and fast at the same time.

Complex solutions but easy to use

The biggest challenges were the establishment of a comprehensive, integrated solution capable of addressing complex functional requirements and thereby maintaining easy use of the system.

S&T developed the electronic request submission, synchronized tax payments with the National Treasury and generated innovative electronic services. The implementation of these processes along with the delivery of other subsystems such as content management, time stamping authority or the system for processing electronic requests has laid the groundwork for the future development and ongoing improvement of public services in Serbia.

“By implementing this project, citizens were given a complete solution which is accessible and easy to use. As a result, access to and contact with public authorities has become more simple”, comments Damir Baralic, Director of National Information and Internet Agency at the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society.

Source: S&T
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