S&T Receives Two Awards for its Human Resource Practices

BestPers certification in Germany and best IT employer in Romania

The S&T Group has recently received two awards for its exemplary practices in the field of human resources. In Germany, this is the fifth time that S&T (IMG) has received BestPers certification and, in Romania, the company achieved first place in a ranking of the best employers in the IT industry compiled by the renowned business magazine “CAPITAL”. 

S&T Job Offers

The BestPers certification is based on an annual study undertaken by the “Institut fur Managementkompetenz der Universitat Saarbrucken” (the University of Saarbrucken’s Institute for Management Competence) which evaluates human resource practices in companies of between 20 and 5.000 employees. The standards are high: The BestPers certificate is only given to companies which fulfill the criteria necessary to demonstrate their implementation of sound, modern human resource practices. The quality of a company’s human resource practices is determined using 10 evaluation criteria. These are: strategy and vision, the recruitment, deployment, development and management of personnel, as well as work/life balance, communication, remuneration, computerization and sustainability. S&T (IMG) received an award this year in the areas of personnel recruitment and personnel development. In the overall evaluation across all categories, the company ranks among the top 10.

Success factors in personnel development

In Romania, the business magazine “CAPITAL” rated S&T as the best employer in the IT industry. The factors that played a major role in this achievement were S&T’s personnel development, the participation of its employees in the company’s success and the “open door” policy actively pursued by the company. The S&T Group sets great store by long-term collaboration with its employees and invests extensively in personnel development. Employees are individually supported and are able to participate in the success of the company through the S&T Performance Management Program. The S&T “open door” policy was also rated very positively. S&T has a flat company structure and values short information paths as well as direct and open communication. “These two awards will spur us on to continue intensifying our efforts in the field of human resources”, explains Christian Rosner, CEO S&T.

Extensive investments in further education and training

S&T has invested extensively in personnel development for many years. The company spends more than two million euros annually on further education and training alone, around 3% of the payroll. The training program comprises official certification for hardware and software products (e.g. SAP) and continuous further education in technology, as well as language training and skills promotion for specialist and management careers. The different training modules are prepared and organized both locally, in the branches, and internationally, and not only internally but also together with our external partners. “We are a fast-growing, dynamic company. We need our employees to be achieve the highest level of education and motivation, to be flexible enough to respond to constant changes and to be in a position to fully contribute to the development of the company. It is not just about technical knowledge, which, in any case, has a very poor half-life in IT, but it is also about potential for development within the Group”, says Rosner.

HR management consulting

S&T (IMG) also offers HR services within its service portfolio. S&T (IMG) helps companies to transform their transaction-oriented personnel departments into HR management teams that are focused on creating added value. The spectrum of services ranges from organization and process design, and the development of a supporting IT strategy, through to the migration and implementation of human capital management (HCM) systems. S&T (IMG) has specialized technical knowledge in the areas of overall HCM implementation, global personnel management and reporting, personnel recruitment, skills management, pay models and personnel budgeting, time management solutions, employee and manager self-service as well as learning and training.

Source: S&T Group

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