SaM Solutions Featured in the «2012 Global Services 100» Rating

SaM Solutions Featured in the «2012 Global Services 100» Rating

Applicants to the «Global Services 100» rating were required to provide detailed information about their companies by completing an online survey. The rating, however, is not a list of the largest IT outsourcing service providers. The analytical model of GS100 is based on 4 basic criteria: efficiency and leadership, quality and maturity of the client pool, range of services provided and the scale of the global delivery model.

According to Ed Nair, the editor of Global Services, “the landscape of the global outsourcing industry is changing, but one key trend remains intact: consumers are seeking the services of large vendors that have the necessary expertise and are also capable of solving specific business problems as opposed to merely lowering project costs. Companies from the Global Services 100 list demonstrated the ability to work with global clients and maintain financial stability.”

The inclusion of SaM Solutions into the GS100 2012 rating is the result of the company’s continuous effort to provide top-quality IT consulting and development services to its clients, thus helping them fulfill their business goals and allowing their businesses to grow.

About Global Services

Global Services is a media platform whose portfolio includes a number of electronic magazines, a web portal, an information bulletin, webinars (online seminars) and other events, as well as custom solutions. The audience of Global Services includes top managers, outsourcing professionals, IT and technology experts from over 1000 major companies located primarily in North America and Europe. Global Services is run and owned by CyberMedia (India) Limited.

About SaM Solutions

SaM Solutions is one of the leaders of the IT outsourcing and software development market. 18 years of experience, a broad range of competencies and a DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified quality control system enable the company to develop solutions of any complexity that meet customers’ expectations and use the latest software development technologies.

SaM Solutions has worked for such major internationals as Siemens, Fujitsu and SAP, public organizations, such as the European Patent Office, and mid-sized companies, such as Lexware or azh GmbH. To date, SaM Solutions has a global pool of over 600 employees in its Germany-based headquarters and offices located in the US, Eastern and Western Europe.

Source: SaM Solutions

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