SaM Solutions have developed Calibration Expert Software

Minsk development center of the SaM Solutions company, a leading Eastern European provider of software outsourcing services, have developed Calibration Expert – a client-server software application for esz AG (, a well-known provider of technology solutions for calibration and control devices. The SaM Solutions team started working on the project in October, 2009. To accelerate the application development process esz AG has given the project entirely to the development by SaM Solutions specialists. Overall, the project was planned for 10 months and at the time of the transfer to SaM Solutions there were problems with completion terms and quality. SaM Solutions guaranteed this software product to be developed and implemented at fixed price in three-month time, which was successfully done.

For this reason it was decided to continue the cooperation with SaM, i.e. further development and technical support of the application. As a software development methodology the so-called Agile approach is now used in addition to Scrum. Goals remain the same: to increase functionality and usability of the software application with three-month release cycles. The faster new features of the application are implemented and necessary improvements are made, the sooner the customer will return their investment.

Calibration Expert OverviewThe aim of the project was to provide the customer with the web-based calibration (sizing) software of new generation enabling users to make calibrations for simple vernier calipers and sophisticated measuring devices regardless of location and platform. The software application supports calibration experts, engineers and metrology specialists directly in the calibration process of various types of measuring devices and preparation of calibration certificates.

The subject of calibration (scanned device) is investigated in the software using the so-called calibration wizard (template). This is a document that has more than 50 parameters and relations that accurately describe the subject of calibration, methods, equipment, facilities and inaccurate measurements. With Calibration Expert users can fully concentrate on the measurement without worrying about data synchronization, language, or translations. At the end of the calibration process the users may obtain a calibration certificate issued with regard to formal errors according to DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17025.

With this bilingual solution (there are a German and an English versions) you can calibrate easily, quickly and with minimized formal errors. esz AG uses the competitive advantages obtained after development of this solution in order to increase production power, to attract and support new customers. Calibration Expert application is used in all subsidiaries of the company.

Source: SaM Solutions

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