SaM Solutions – a Partner in Expanding Linux Knowledge

SaM Solutions – a Partner in Expanding Linux Knowledge

Partner in Expanding Linux Knowledge

As a company that is constantly expanding its competencies, and that also focuses on sharing its knowledge and skills with others, SaM Solutions is proud to be a long-time sponsor and participant in global Linux events, such as LinuxCon, and even in local communities such as the Minsk Linux Users Group.

SaM Solutions actively participates in the local Linux community by hosting some of the monthly meetings at its office on Filimonova Street in Minsk, and SaM’s employees often take part in reading lectures or in helping inexperienced users troubleshoot problems they are experiencing with open source software.

SaM Solutions also sponsors and attends global Linux and free/open source software events for multiple reasons. One reason why the company attends is to help further advance and improve software, but also for the benefit of sharing its own knowledge as well as learning from others. With Linux and open source software playing such important roles nowadays in the world of software development, SaM Solutions is dedicated to continually developing its skills in this area.

On a smaller scale, SaM Solutions sponsors local groups, like the Minsk Linux Users Group. At these events attendance is always free and users of all skill levels are always welcome to attend – whether you are simply interested, just starting, or are an expert Linux developer or user. The monthly events are designed to be a place where information and experience can be exchanged and where modern and relevant topics can be discussed in open-floor style presentations.

These groups encourage local use and development of Linux and free/open source software and create an environment where beginners and the less experienced are encouraged to ask questions from experts who can help with installation and troubleshooting of free/open source software. They also support expert users and developers, who come to share ideas and read lectures.

The event also stresses the importance of having open, informal conversations to promote openness and mutual understanding among all attending. SaM Solutions is proud to not only sponsor the events which are set up by the Minsk Linux Users Group, but also to lend its hand in developing the group further.

SaM Solutions also proudly sponsors and participates in Linux Vacation Eastern Europe (LVEE) which normally meets every six months. This event, which is held on the outskirts of Minsk, allows the company to reach beyond Belarus by inviting enthusiasts from other Eastern European countries. LVEE is structured as a retreat for Linux and free/open source software users and developers; it is a place where lectures are read and knowledge and ideas are shared, but it also stresses rest and relaxation among a group of like-minded individuals.

According to SaM Solutions’ Head of System and Embedded Software Development Department, Vitali Shkliaryk,

“SaM Solutions has long had its own department that works exclusively with Linux and Embedded development, as well as free/open source software. Since software development using Linux and open source software has played such a meaningful and important role in our company we have been contributing to such events for years. For instance, our company is the foremost sponsor of the largest Linux event in Eastern Europe in regards to FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software), Linux Vacation/Eastern Europe. In addition SaM Solutions also supports Linux on a global level by sponsoring and participating in LinuxCon Europe.”

Vitali stressed that the specialists in the System and Embedded Software Development Department are also highly skilled not only in Linux and open source software – many are skilled, and certified, in Windows development tools and other important areas.

“Our specialists in this department are also experts in so much more; they are experts in working on servers and data storage, POS and warehouse equipment, consumer electronics, network equipment, and have developed complete custom Board Support Packages as well.”

Finally, SaM Solutions’ sponsorship and participation in Linux and FLOSS events, whether simply hosting or sponsoring the event, or its employees actively presenting lectures, allows the company not only to simply announce its active participation in this group, but also to contribute to the development of the group in Belarus, and around the world.

Source: SaM Solutions

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