SaM Solutions in the ranking of the largest resident companies of the Hi-Tech Park

SaM Solutions, one of the leading software development outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe, was noted in the ratings of TOP-10 HTP resident companies. High-Tech Park has summarized the results of the first 9 months of 2010 and published ratings of its residents according to the value, efficiency and export volumes. SaM Solutions was ranked second in «TOP-10 Leading HTP exporters», as well as took the fourth place in the rankings «TOP-10 Leading HTP companies» and «TOP-10 Largest HTP resident companies».

According to Anton Dechko, Director of Business Development at SaM Solutions GmbH, the company’s entering the leading positions of the information technology market, as well as the growth of its economic performance were made possible primarily thanks to the effective implementation of the project requirements of new customers and strong partnerships with existing clients, which would have been impossible without the SaM Solutions’ staff, namely, their professionalism and aspirations for growth.

Source: SaM Solutions

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