SaM Solutions to sponsor this year’s LVEE 2011 conference

On June 30 – July 3, the “Himik” summer camp near Grodno, Belarus, will host Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe (LVEE 2011), the 7th international conference for developers and users of open-source software. The event will combine communication and entertainment for numerous open-source software experts and enthusiasts. SaM Solutions has been sponsoring this conference since 2005, while some of the company’s employees are members of the LVEE organizational committee.

The event includes a formal section (reports, seminars and short presentations) and an informal part filled with night life and entertainment that presents its participants with a unique opportunity to share their hands-on experience and ideas in a relaxed atmosphere and the company of skilled developers and implementation experts from such companies and projects as Mozilla, Debian, AltLinux, NetBSD and many others. The range of topics covered at the conference includes FOSS-based development and maintenance of  various systems and solutions, Embedded Linux, high-load scalable web platforms, use of such programming languages as Assembler, JavaScript, Python, С++, deployment and administration of solutions based on open-source software, legal aspects of OpenSource licensing and a lot more. The conference program will also embrace a broad range of platforms – from workstations and servers to embedded systems and mobile devices. 

A preliminary conference program and a list of submitted report applications can be found here: An archive of reports from previous conferences is available in the “Reports” section of the following site:

About SaM Solutions

SaM Solutions is one of the leaders of the IT outsourcing and software development market. 18 years of experience, a broad range of competencies and a DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified quality control system enable the company to develop solutions of any complexity that meet customers’ expectations and use the latest software development technologies.

SaM Solutions has worked for such major internationals as Siemens, Fujitsu and SAP, public organizations, such as the European Patent Office, and mid-sized companies, such as Lexware or azh GmbH. 

To date, SaM Solutions has a global pool of over 600 employees in its Germany-based headquarters and offices located in the US, Eastern and Western Europe.

Source: SaM Solutions

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