Satyam and Software AG Expand Global Partnership

  • Companies commit to joint development of process frameworks for the webMethods suite
  • Vertical solutions target key industries, including insurance, manufacturing and telecommunications
  • Implementation by leading European service accelerates time-to-market
  • Satyam’s Software AG/webMethods practice – their largest EAI practice – grows to over 300 members

Software AG, a global leader in business infrastructure software, and Satyam Computer Services Limited (NYSE:SAY), a leading global consulting and IT services company, today announced an expansion of their global partnership. Both companies have committed to the joint development of vertical solutions using the webMethods product suite. These business process frameworks will address the industry-specific requirements of key sectors, including insurance, manufacturing and telecommunications. Furthermore, Satyam will continue to invest in its Software AG/webMethods practice, currently the company’s largest EAI practice with over 300 trained consultants.

“The emergence of SOA, BPM and other more adaptive technologies means that reuse and composition are now a viable alternative to traditional development.  By combining proven IT building blocks with externally-maintained business logic, custom solutions can be more quickly created and more easily maintained as a result,” said Arnold Huffman, Senior Vice President for Strategic Business Solutions (SBS) & Business Development, Software AG.  “Through our work with Satyam, we’ve helped many of the world’s most complex organizations solve their most demanding business process challenges.  We’re excited by the opportunity to extend this relationship.  Our focus on encapsulating our shared best practices as adaptable and cost-effective process frameworks will help us scale our efforts to provide enterprises with more precisely targeted solutions.”

The webMethods suite encompasses top-ranked technologies for business process management (BPM) and performance monitoring, legacy modernization, service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance and a standards-based ESB for integration and interoperability.  By bringing these components together with an industry or process-specific framework, vertical solutions addressing unique business requirements can be more readily implemented.

Building upon its long-term experience with the webMethods suite as well as its collective intellectual capital as a global provider of business and IT consulting services, Satyam is developing a series of process frameworks for key industries.  These include manufacturing and insurance with process frameworks for the telecommunications sector already in production. These process frameworks encompass all of the artifacts required to create a customized, end-to-end solution, such as service interfaces, process models, business rules and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) definitions.  Use of pre-configured and pre-validated components speeds deployment, improves reliability and simplifies long-term change management and maintenance.

Source: Software AG

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