Sberbank of Russia Implements Workforce Planning And Manageent System Jointly with CROC

Sberbank of Russia Implements Workforce Planning And Manageent System Jointly with CROC

CROC has implemented a workforce planning and management system in the Personal Credit Application Department of Sberbank of Russia. This is the first back office implementation of such a system based on Avaya Workforce Management in Russia. This particular system was selected for the Personal Credit Application Department thanks to its integration capabilities and the fact that it is compatible with virtually any other back office system. In addition, the system maximizes working efficiency, specifically, thanks to automated scheduling based on patented algorithms which take into account business processes, qualifications, and staff personal preferences. Now the bank’s specialists can quickly and easily create work schedules for more than 2,000 employees.

“The system helped to promptly achieve a 5% increase in employee performance within the Personal Credit Application Department. Now we can plan workload, manage timesheets and calculate KPIs,” remarked Viktor Orlovsky, Senior Vice President, Sberbank.

“Sberbank of Russia constantly seeks the most interesting, beneficial and innovative proposals for the bank. Thanks to this strategy, we had an opportunity to create and implement this solution, which currently has no precedent in Russia. During the project implementation, Avaya Workforce Management was integrated with the banking system for credit application processing and Sberbank obtained an advanced workforce planning and management solution,” said Ivan Rubtzov, Deputy Director General for Key Accounts, CROC.

Avaya Workforce Management helps companies ensure back office efficiency and productivity and achieve strategic objectives. To date, it is used to manage schedules for one million employees all over the world.

Source: CROC
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