ScaleFocus Celebrates 4 Years in the UK

ScaleFocus Celebrates 4 Years in the UK

On the 30th of September we hit 4 years of ScaleFocus’ full operations at the UK market. Since the setup of company’s first international office in London, hundreds of relationships were built under the forward-thinking of the sales and management teams.

Scalefocus office UK

After strengthening the operations in the UK, ScaleFocus opened offices in Germany (Munich), Switzerland (Zurich) and the USA (Washington D.C.). The international footprint is with the aim of being closer to our customers, engaging around advanced engineering services and business solutions development. Following the trends in data management, IoT analytics and digital transformations, ScaleFocus is a reliable partner that understands innovation in particular industry contexts – finance, healthcare, telco, etc. Moreover, we invest in testing different technologies and packaging them as ready-to-use solutions, so our customers can face faster the current and upcoming business challenges.

Source: ScaleFocus

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