ScienceSoft Launches Remote Infrastructure Management Services

ScienceSoft Launches Remote Infrastructure Management Services

ScienceSoft, an international IT services company based in Eastern and Western Europe, is starting to offer Remote Infrastructure Management Services to its customers.

According to the research by Gartner, 70% of IT support for infrastructure services can be performed from a remote location and remote infrastructure management services can reduce labor costs by 10% to 50%, resulting in a 3% to 30% overall net savings. The new service offerings by ScienceSoft are intended to bring its customers a combination of profound expertise, flexibility and cost reduction.

ScienceSoft advances four main directions of RIMS: cloud infrastructure management, enterprise system management, networking management, application maintenance and support. ScienceSoft technical teams and support units are skilled in Microsoft, Veeam, Symantec products; cloud platforms by Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Amazon and are co-located that gives an opportunity for knowledge sharing.

Boris Shyklo, CTO at ScienceSoft: “For ScienceSoft this is an example of a market-driven creation of a new service. During the last year we were engaged in a number of cloud-related projects and infrastructure management projects for our customers. Examples include infrastructure transition from Citrix XenApp 5 to Citrix XenApp 6, hosting migration services to Microsoft Exchange 2010, moving the software product from desktop to web and cloud as a SaaS and others. We see a lot of potential on the market and intend to give our customers better services aligned to their business requirements.”

  • banlin mithra

    Remote infrastructure management includes Help desk,Server, Storage, Workstation, IT security Management, Application support, monitoring of server and network devices.

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