ScienceSoft Released Connectors for IBM QRadar SIEM

ScienceSoft Released Connectors for IBM QRadar SIEM

ScienceSoft released connectors for IBM QRadar SIEM.The connectors (LSX/uDSM) allow users to monitor audit events of 1C Enterprise 8.2 and Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0.

The new connectors allow users to monitor audit events with the help of IBM QRadar SIEM, the flagship SIEM solution from IBM.

The newly released LSX/uDSM for 1C Enterprise 8.2 supports all of the audit events, including users’ creation, deleting and authorization, system configuration, accounting transactions as well as data processing.

The new LSX/uDSM for Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0 allows users to monitor audit events of anti-virus system Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0, including detection and quarantine of the infected objects; addition, deletion and management of the monitored network objects; various system internal processes and jobs management as well as detection of unauthorized intrusion attempts and various system attacks.

Developed modules are completely customizable and ready to support audit events depending on customer’s requirements and needs.

Ulad Radkevitch, director of marketing and business development at ScienceSoft: ScienceSoft tries to respond quickly to market trends in information security and develops the most needed connectors as the interest in IBM QRadar SIEM in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus grows very quickly.

ScienceSoft has substantial background in information security and SIEM. During 2006-2011 ScienceSoft was taking part in the development of IBM TSIEM/TCIM and TSOM. In 2011 ScienceSoft created a SIEM consulting department and also received an official QRadar reseller status. In 2012 ScienceSoft participated in the development of QRadar professional exams as an invited IBM Partner. ScienceSoft designs and deploy SIEM solutions, offers migration to IBM SIEM QRadar as well as system integration in the field of information security.

Source: ScienceSoft

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