Second Belarus PHP Development Conference Held in June

Second Belarus PHP Development Conference Held in June

On June 2nd 2012, the second PHP Development Conference, phpDev, was held in Minsk, Belarus. For the second time this year, the conference was organized by a group of Belarusian PHP enthusiasts, following the warm feedback the event received in January 2012. Intetics again sponsored the conference and offered its technical expertise, honoring its commitment to support the growing PHP community in Belarus.

The PHP specialists gathered in Minsk on a stormy Saturday to share their expertise in PHP development. A total of six different presentations were heard during the daylong event and the information was presented by Intetics employees and other specialists alike. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions on June 2nd, the conference attracted over 100 participants, making the second edition of the phpDev conference just as successful as the first. The idea behind the conference is to gather as many PHP experts, in order to share the new aspects of PHP development.

This time, the conference covered a vastly expanded itinerary of topics. The topics covered started with AMQP usage in the mobile back-end infrastructure, Zend Framework 2 and maintaining and cleaning development processes. The speakers then revealed the “the imperfection of the surrounding world” through the safety of web-attachments. This was followed by a talk on web-attachments integrated with call-centers that are built with Asterisk using Node.js, ZeroMQ and web sockets. The day finished with a discussion about the areas of use of MongoDB, its advantages and disadvantages, and the potential issues with using MongoDB in high-traffic systems.

The event was successful at sharing knowledge and expertise among the Belarusian PHP experts and attendees. The conference aimed to spread information about latest technologies, share tips, tricks, and best practices, gather necessary know-how as well as to create an opportunity to network. Intetics is excited to lend its support to this initiative and hopes that the enthusiasm of its employees and of the participants of the conference keeps growing in the future.

Source: Intetics

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