2017 IDG Enterprise Security Priorities Study

2017 IDG Enterprise Security Priorities Study

The 2017 IDG Enterprise Security Priorities study provides insight into the security roles and technologies that help mitigate risk and allow for business growth.

As security continues to be a business focus, the purpose of the study is to better understand the security projects organizations are focused on now and in the coming year, as well as the issues that will demand the most time and strategic thinking from security and IT teams. The research dives into how security is structured at different organizations and how structural differences can impact technology and adoption plans.

Key points include:

  • 66% of enterprise organizations have a CSO/CISO position, compared to 34% of SMBs.
  • Overall, 42% of organizations expect to see an increase in security budget over the next 12 months, with 48% of enterprises expecting an increase.
  • Organizations are actively researching cloud and analytics focused security solutions, such as behavior monitoring & analysis, cloud-based cybersecurity services, cloud access security brokers, and data loss prevention tools.
  • 28% of organizations report that big data analytics is a new/potential area for security investment.
  • Overall, 29% of organizations have had at least three open security-focused positions over the course of the past year, and this rises to 43% for enterprise organizations.
  • Data classification, insider threats, and analytics security technologies create opportunity for security vendors due to level of user satisfaction.

For more information, please read the following excerpt from the study.


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