Sergel will Develop its Information Systems in Baltic Data Center’s Data Centers

Sergel will Develop its Information Systems in Baltic Data Center’s Data Centers

Baltic Data Center, a leader in data centre and information systems management in the Baltic States, will provide IT infrastructure lease, server hosting and system maintenance services to Sergel, one of the largest credit management and debt collection companies in Lithuania.

Sergel, developing its activities in Scandinavian and Baltic countries, will transfer its information systems with constantly updated data on the debts of natural and legal persons to Baltic Data Center’s data centers. The systems will be interconnected with Sergel’s office in Vilnius via TEO high-speed fiber-optic lines, and they will also be made available for use to the company’s customers.

Baltic Data Center will provide IT infrastructure lease and e-mail services by using virtual resource – cloud computing – solutions. The company’s specialists will also provide computer workplace support services – will take care of the smooth operation of Sergel’s office computers, printers and network equipment.

According to Saulius Markūnas, Director of Baltic Data Center, a company belonging to TEO Group, the lease of IT infrastructure is particularly suited for small companies that are developing complex systems. “These services make it possible to dispense with investment in own technological equipment or specialists to operate such equipment and at the same time to save costs by paying only for the resources required for the system to operate “, – S. Markūnas said.

After having transferred its systems to Baltic Data Center’s data centers, Sergel’s future plans are to further develop them and to provide more opportunities and convenience for its customers and employees. “Therefore, when choosing a provider, a very important factor was its experience in creating and maintaining continuously operating information systems”, – Toma Matutytė, Deputy General Manager at Sergel, said.

Baltic Data Center provides IT infrastructure lease services to many of Lithuania’s largest manufacturing and service companies: banks, retail chains and other businesses.

About Baltic Data Center

Baltic Data Center, a company belonging to TEO LT, AB Group, is a leader in the management of data centers and information systems in the Baltic States. The company owns seven modern data centers, which meet the highest requirements of security, and is the first company in its sector in the Baltic States the activities of which have been evaluated with the international certificate of compliance with the ISO 27001 standard.

Baltic Data Center services are trusted and used by the largest Lithuanian and foreign companies. The main focus of the continuously-growing company is on ensuring customers’ business continuity, security and competitiveness.

About Sergel

Sergel, a company owned by TeliaSonera Group, started its operations in Lithuania in March 2008, when acquired a long-time leader in the market of debt collection services. Sergel offers high-quality credit scoring, billing, accounts receivable, collection and debt surveillance services to transaction-intensive companies that place stringent demands on quality and customer service. The company’s customers include transaction-intensive companies from various business areas – telecommunications, finance, insurance, logistics and other sectors.

Sergel was established in Sweden in 1988. The international company operates in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Currently, Sergel Lithuania has over 30 employees, most of whom have extensive experience in the area of debt collection and recovery.


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