Sigma Software Social Initiatives Revealed

Sigma Software Social Initiatives Revealed

Sigma Software has released its first Corporate Social Responsivity (CSR) report, which embraced most important social initiatives of the company for the last several years. From now on, we plan to report on our new social endeavors and achievement every year.

Businesses today are aware of their implication to sustainability and social welfare. Many companies have social projects, engage in environmental activities, and encourage others to do the same.

One of the means to tell people about obstacles and advances on this way is through CSR reporting. Since social responsibility projects of the companies may be different, CSR reports may appear in various forms. What unites them is that all the activities described are meant to create a better society and, eventually, a better world for everybody.

Our company has long been committed to the principles of sustainable conduct and concern for future generations. These commitments are embodied in many educational projects, healthy lifestyle challenges, and ecological undertakings carried out in our offices. Now it is time for us to follow the example of major global companies and share our CSR efforts with you.

Our first CSR report provides the most significant landmarks along the way of several years. Among them are projects to promote better IT education, provide opportunities to talented startupers and students to implement their ideas, support knowledge sharing and networking for professionals and beginners.

We wish we could tell you about all of our activities, but lots of them are left behind the scene to keep it brief.

This CSR report is a good opportunity for us to enlighten possible paths for others concerned about social responsibility and sustainability and attract them to our community. It is planned to release the CSR report about Sigma Software activities every year to set targets for future and discuss their achieving.

“There are many ways to demonstrate the company’s dedication to social responsibility. For us this term embraces numerous activities in many areas – from investing in country’s future through education development, implementing ecological standards in our offices and our lives, providing our specialists with decent working conditions, supporting and promoting volunteer movement, to cooperation with State officials to create the best conditions for economic growth in Ukraine,”

says Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software.

“With this report we’d like to keep our specialists and Ukrainian business community aware that the company does not remain indifferent to everything that happens in the country. We work hard to ensure the world around us is changing for the better.”

About Sigma

Sigma is a long-term business partner wherever information technology makes a difference. We are a global player with a Nordic base. We deliver the smartest solutions to support our customers’ business aims.

Sigma is owned by Danir AB and has about 3000 employees in eleven countries. Sigma operates in Ukraine since 2006 and the local team currently consists of over 650 IT professionals.

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