Simplicity Day: QA 360°

Simplicity Day: QA 360°
Start: July 13, 2019
Venue: “DEPO” Conference Hall
Address: Antonovycha Street, 52, Kyiv, Ukraine
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Simplicity Day – brand, conference series, with a very simple message “Simply About Complex”.

Yes, in simple words about difficult things, so it is a pleasure to listen and absorb information from practitioners. At the fourth conference of this series, you are invited to talk about a new generation of testers and QA – QA 360 °!

It is not a secret that in the pace of the modern world engineering skills alone are not enough. QA of our days is a “Swiss knife” with a unique set of skills. You can choose the most “juicy” reports for you in three threads: QA Processes / QA Toolbox / QA People



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