Sirma Business Consulting launches an innovative platform to the leading Trinidad and Tobago bank

Sirma Business Consulting launches an innovative platform to the leading Trinidad and Tobago bank

Sirma Business Consulting JSC specialised in banking and financial technologies started a new bank project in the Caribbean region.

The company will develop and implement a new platform for online banking, lending and financial operations for the most innovative credit institution in Trinidad and Tobago – TECU Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited.

The project includes and specialized consultancy while integrating the core banking system FlexCube.

Trinidad and Tobago is a not very well known destination in Bulgaria, however, the country has a lot to offer – natural resources and well developed economy, highly influenced by tourism, oil and gas industry.

The growth is fuelled by oil, gas and steel industry, helping country to establish itself as the main exporter of liquid natural gas to the USA.

It is the only Caribbean country where English is an official language.

Recently, Trinidad and Tobago has been positioned as a regional financial hub, and the fast evolving financial industry quickly adopts new technological products and innovations in banking.

TECU Credit Union Cooperative Society Ltd is the most innovative and fast growing credit institution, which has been operating for 60 years and distinguished for its advanced products for individual credits and leasing.

The project will totally replace the existing IT system with a brand new platform, and SBC will be subcontractor and consultant for FlexCube core bank system implementation.

However, the main focus will be the development and implementation of a new, modern electronic channel platform/portal for lending and financial operations.

It includes a number of new features that will enable end users to operate with their funds and enjoy numerous products, to apply for credit, insurance and others.

„The new platform will be built of top notch technologies, which allow flexibility both in development and in setting up, and operating applications by its customers. It is based on Spring, Hibernate and Bootstrap, which have many advantages in the creating of individual modules and separating the various components of functionality“,

said from SBC.

Important advantages of the system are that it can be placed on any JEE container without specific requirements – Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, etc.

As a database can be used any reliable relational database, available with a JDBC driver – Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Postgre, etc.

The user interface is flexible and taking into account the screen size of the client. No matter what device will be used – a laptop, tablet, phablet or smart phone, all users enjoy the responsive design and intuitive interface.

The platform will have a customer web portal and applications for the most popular mobile operating systems iOS and Android *. The project will start in September 2015 and is to be completed within the next 18 months.

Source: Sirma Group
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