Sirma Mobile and VIVACOM Offer Staff Efficiency Management Service VIVATeam

Sirma Mobile and VIVACOM Offer Staff Efficiency Management Service VIVATeam

Software department Sirma Mobile, which is part of Sirma Group Holding, has developed for telecommunications operator VIVACOM the first service in Bulgaria that lets companies manage their staff’s mobile communications.

VIVATeam is targeted at those business clients of the telecom which seek to optimize their expenses and to improve their employees’ coordination and efficiency. The service is offered as an additional package that can be attached to any subscription plan in two variants – VIVATeam Control and VIVATeam Location – which can be purchased separately or together.

VIVATeam Control lets organizations restrict or allow employees’ outgoing calls and text messages to specific numbers.

VIVATeam Location enables companies to track the location of a given SIM card without the need to purchase and install additional navigation devices or for users to use specific phones or smartphones.

The service is entirely web based (available via a standard Internet browser) and can be used through any computer connected to the Internet. No additional software is required. Moreover, organizations do not have to carry out special staff trainings and people do not need any technical skills, since the administrative module is intuitive and easy to be used by an average Internet user. The management of numbers with an activated VIVATeam package is done through a special module, where settings and restrictions can be modified in real time.

Source: Sirma Mobile
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