Sirma Mobile’s Mobile App M-Tel CONTACT Is a Hit among Android Users

Sirma Mobile’s Mobile App M-Tel CONTACT Is a Hit among Android Users

Imagine you are traveling and do not have access to a computer but you urgently need to find the address of a company. Or you are looking for the hotel you are to stay at but you do not know the area. Probably each of us has been in similar situations which can waste our time and make us lose patience. So, it is not odd at all that the interest in the new mobile application M-Tel CONTACT, developed by Bulgarian Sirma Group Holding’s software division Sirma Mobile, is already that big. Only days after it was made available in Android Market and M-Tel’s web page, the mobile app is now used by more than 1600 consumers and has lead to a large number of positive comments in different forums, as well as on its page in Android Market.

“The broad adoption of the GPS technology, as well as of open mobile platforms like Android, lets us benefit in a much better way from firm’s digital data bases, which have been around for a long time. Users can now find the address they are looking for, send it to friends, or see how far it is from themselves and what the easiest way to get to it is, and all this after only pressing a few buttons on their phones. These capabilities make life easier, save time and let us focus on the really important things for us. It is delightful that Sirma Mobile is part of this revolution along with the largest mobile operator in Bulgaria – M-Tel,”

said Anton Gavrailov, head of Sirma Mobile. M-Tel CONTACT is an absolutely free software for mobile operation system Android. It completely changes the way we discover information about individual and corporate users of all networks in Bulgaria. Along with phone and fax numbers, post addresses, e-mail addresses and web sites, the service provides thorough information about companies’ activities. The data base is maintained through a partnership with Golden Pages and includes hundreds of hotels, restaurants, stores, chains, cinemas, theaters, agencies, pharmacies, banks, discos, clubs, etc.

The functionalities include showing addresses on a map, calculating distance from the phone’s position (if it has GPS), dialing a phone number directly from the app, sending e-mails, opening web sites, as well as sharing with friends.

In the future, the application is going to be released for other mobile operation systems, including iOS, which is used by iPhones.

Source: Sirma Mobile
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