SITRONICS to Create a Video Surveillance System to Monitor the Elections to the Verkhovna Rada

SITRONICS to Create a Video Surveillance System to Monitor the Elections to the Verkhovna Rada

SITRONICS (LSE:SITR), a leading provider of telecommunications, IT and microelectronics solutions in Russia and the CIS, announces that SITRONICS Information Technologies Ukraine, its subsidiary in Ukraine, has been awarded the contract to set up a video surveillance system to monitor the Ukrainian parliamentary elections in October 2012. The Ukrainian Cabinet issued the relevant Ordinance (No. 583-р) on August 20, 2012.

As per the specifications, the system will cover 32.2 thousand polling stations across Ukraine and will allow 300 thousand users to simultaneously view the webcast. The total project cost is US$ 122.6 million (993.6 million hryvnas). The project will enable the modernisation of the existing telecommunications infrastructure and help increase its productivity and fault tolerance many times over. In the long run, this will create an opportunity to use the new engineering, telecommunications and IT systems not only for this purpose, but also in other large-scale governmental projects in Ukraine, such as E-Government. The system implementation will stimulate the development of the high technology sector and the country’s economy as a whole, while the participation of major telecom operators in the project will create new jobs.

In addition to SITRONICS IT, major Ukrainian telecom operators are involved in this large-scale infrastructure project, including Ukrtelecom, Datagroup, MTS Ukraine and Intertelecom. To ensure that video monitoring data from all polling stations connected to the system is collected, processed and stored on a timely basis, a new fault-tolerant distributed data processing centre is to be built. To connect polling stations to the system (the so-called final mile), fixed, mobile and satellite networks will be used. A software and hardware package will be installed at each polling station, and will consist of a laptop, two high-resolution webcameras, and the necessary peripherals and switching devices. Special attention will be paid to ensuring the information security of the webcasting system during the elections. In particular, the software and hardware packages will have the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) installed, and the system as a whole will be protected from a wide range of Internet threats, including DDoS attacks.

“We are grateful that the Ukrainian Cabinet has placed confidence in SITRONICS and has awarded us the contract to create an intelligent video surveillance system for the elections. From our vast experience in implementing infrastructure projects on a national level, including the creation of a similar system in Russia, we believe that webcasting will allow the transparency of the elections to be improved, as well as modernising the existing ICT infrastructure,” commented Sergey Aslanian, President of SITRONICS. “Success in this highly ambitious and complex project can only be achieved through the joint efforts of both the integrator and the country’s leading telecom operators, such as Ukrtelecom, Datagroup, MTS Ukraine and Intertelecom”.

SITRONICS IT in Ukraine, SITRONICS’ subsidiary, has 20 years of experience in implementing IT projects in Ukraine, including the population census and building infrastructure for the Ukrainian State Statistics Service (Goskomstat), the creation of the CDMA network for MTS Ukraine, the implementation of the CRM system for Sberbank of Russia and an ERP system for MTS and other major projects for public authorities and businesses.

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