Slovenian Business Opportunities

Slovenian Business Opportunities is an exclusive promotional business magazine in English, issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS). It is aimed at foreign businessmen, partner institutions as well as a broad network of professional business associations, with which the CCIS works closely together. The magazine’s design incorporates up-to-date trends in corporate communications.

The magazine includes interesting stories about Slovenia as well as practical guidelines for foreign entrepreneurs on how to do business in Slovenia. The majority of the mag is designed as a magalogue, containing story-like presentations of Slovenian companies that offer a wide array of business opportunities, including their direct contact info. All companies introduced in the magazine are members of the CCIS. Welcoming words are written by the Minister of the Economy of the Republic of Slovenia, Ms Darja Radic, and the General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Mr Samo Hribar Milic.

The first volume of Slovenian Business Opportunities was issued in September 2010.

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