Smartsourcing Nearshore IT Resources for Mobile Software Development in Europe

Over the past decade outsourcing has become a commodity practice used by different industries from ICT and media to healthcare and finance as a response tosuch challenges as a slow time to market, high cost of the in-house product development and maintenance, shortage of sufficient IT resources and others.

The question “to outsource or not to outsource?” is no longer relevant in the presentday context. Today’s most relevant question is “how to become a disruptivecompetitor using outsourcing?”

When considering “traditional outsourcing” practices, service delivery models and destinations, it definitely makes sense for mobile software and / or content providers not to outsource their development, but keep it in-house.

However, there are innovative ways to effectively use outsourcing for mobile development with minimal risks and “headaches”. While they are yet to be discovered by the vast majority of the Western European mobile market players, those who discover them first have a better chance of becoming fast paced mobile software innovators and staying ahead of competition in the years to come.

IT Sourcing Europe’s new white paper aims to demonstrate on real-life examples:

  • How utilization of nearshore IT resources and smart and innovative approaches towards outsourcing can help Western European companies, focused on rapid growth and long-term benefits, achieve both apparent cost savings and flexibility, and
  • How nearshore IT resources can effectively be integrated into mobile software company’s culture, mission and business objectives.


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