Start: May 27, 2010
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WINUEL SA, a company of the Sygnity Group, invites to smartUTILITIES 2010 – a meeting for the managerial staff of enterprises representing all energy media. The conference will be held in Wroclaw on 27-28 May in Monopol hotel.

smartUTILITIES 2010 is a proposition of having a closer look at business from the perspective of a client of energy enterprises, in particular in the context of fluctuating perception of time and possibilities of utilization of new communication media.

smartUTILITIES 2010 is the first conference linking the following areas

  • electric power engineering
  • heat industry
  • gas industry
  • water supply and sewage companies.

Representatives of all energy media are co-authors of the programme assumptions of the conference. They created, together with scientists and representatives of the largest technological companies, the basis for a dialogue on intelligent solutions applied in the modern energy industry.

The conference will be the premiere of actual solutions being the result of cooperation of WINUEL and IBM. During the conference, solutions which are already being implemented globally by the technological partners of the conference: IBM, Microsoft and Cisco Systems will be also presented. At the same time, the meeting will be a moment of reflection on the future of energy industry in the world which is becoming more and more smart.

smartUTILITIES 2010 is a set of information and measures within “smart” in Poland and in the world, as well as a review of possibilities, initiatives and projects. Participant of the conference will also receive a set of concepts and specific solutions in the area of:

  • smart grid
  • smart metering
  • smart communication.

Conference partners: IBM, Microsoft, Cisco Systems.


Source: Sygnity

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