Soft Industry Presented a Number of New Services

Soft Industry Presented a Number of New Services

In March 2012 a list of services provided by Soft Industry added three new services: protection against DDoS attacks, server optimization and IT-outsourcing.

The “DDoS resistance” service protects web services from DDoS attacks. This service provides a set of measures called to resist an attack, using computational capabilities of the server. The “DDoS resistance” service is a set of well composed firewall rules and software to identify and prevent malicious activity on the part of an attacker.

The “IT outsourcing” service is a complex support for enterprise IT infrastructure by continuously monitoring performance of hardware and software. The purpose of this service is to reduce the cost of maintaining information technology services at the same time maintaining a service the quality of which is the same as the staff IT department.

The “Server optimization” service is designed to ensure a smooth operation of the server at full capacity. The main activities are aimed at optimizing LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Such procedures help to improve the performance of mission-critical services. Besides the Soft Industry team takes measures to optimize the configuration of the firewall.

The Soft Industry company in future intends to develop and introduce new services designed to meet the slightest needs of its clients.

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