Softengi Company Has Developed An Application Allowing Hospitals To Monitor Remotely Patients’ Cardio Signal

Softengi Company Has Developed An Application Allowing Hospitals To Monitor Remotely Patients’ Cardio Signal

Software development company Softengi, which is the part of the largest consortium of IT companies Intecracy Group, has developed an application for health care organisations allowing hospitals to receive patients’ heart rate data by phone in an automated way.

The developed application automates remote receiving of the patient’s electrocardiogram (ECG) by the phone line from his heart monitor to the medical clinic for further processing and analysis.

This software development was ordered by a major medical organisation in the U.S. that uses a unique method of cardio signal control 24/7/365. This organisation not only works with the private sector in the U.S., but also with public hospitals all over the country. The number of patients of this organisation amounts to thousands of people with heart diseases who do not always have a cellular connection to transfer data from their cardio monitor in emergency situations.

The functionality of the developed application enables medical clinic staff to receive an audio signal from cardio monitors of their patients with heart monitors, transmitting a frequency-modulated signal by the phone line, and automatically demodulate the signal. In addition, the developed application allows building a cardiogram in graphical form for the analysis of the physiological abnormalities of the patient’s heart and saving them to the application for cardiograms processing and storage.

This application will help the healthcare organisations to automate the health status control of their patients with heart diseases in the absence of cellular communications.

About the Company:

Softengi Company provides IT outsourcing and has fifteen years of experience in this field. The company is the part of the Intecracy Group. The main areas of work are the development of software for foreign customers, establishment of development and operation centers, which cover the full cycle of the processes of the customer.

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