Softengi Developed a Solution Which Allows Boosting the Sales of Computer Equipment by 30%

Softengi Developed a Solution Which Allows Boosting the Sales of Computer Equipment by 30%

The Softengi Company, which is part of the Intecracy Group, has become the first company in the world which developed a solution to demonstrate capabilities of laptops in stores for the world leading manufacturer of electronic devices and computer components.

This intelligent tool is an effective assistant of the seller. The software shows all the advantages of technology and demonstrates its functions with the help of a single USB-flash drive. The software automatically detects the hardware configuration of each notebook, demonstrates its capabilities, displays corporate video or advertising of the store and the price of the laptop or computer. The uniqueness of the program is that it is based on Ubuntu free operating system and works with most of the world’s languages, including Chinese, Arabic, and Ukrainian.

The program establishes a common format for interactive demonstration, shows the key specifications of each PC after connecting the flash-drive (with software installed on it), so the buyer can immediately see important information about the processor and technologies. This feature helps the seller to beneficially present the computer and increase sales, with this selling also more expensive products. The release of an updated version of the Ubuntu-based system is expected on November 15, 2012.

A year ago, the Softengi’s specialists developed a similar program for the demonstration of computer equipment based on the Windows operating system, which is already successfully used in retail outlets in Ukraine, making it easier for sellers to present laptops, PCs and PDAs.

According to the experience of previous version, intelligent sale tool helps to increase sales by an average of 30% in one month. This increase is due not only to the fact that it is easier to demonstrate the potential of technology in interactive mode without installing software on the laptop, but also to the fact that visitors are attracted by the bright computer screen with animated demonstrations, and the potential buyer can personally try all necessary functions. It is expected that within a few months after the release of this software it will be widely used not only in Ukrainian retail outlets, but also abroad.

About the Company:

Softengi Company provides IT outsourcing and has fifteen years of experience in this field. The company is the part of the Intecracy Group. The main areas of work are the development of software for foreign customers, establishment of development and operation centers, which cover the full cycle of the processes of the customer

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