Softengi Project Managers Got Certified According to the IPMA®

Softengi Project Managers Got Certified According to the IPMA®

Project Managers from Softengi team Bogdan Kyrychenko and Maksym Shestovytskyi have been successfully certified according to the IPMA® (International Project Management Association).

Bogdan Kyrychenko has received Level B Senior Project Manager certificate, thus becoming the 58th  manager in Ukraine with such a high level of certification, and confirmed that he has the necessary competence for independent management of complex projects.

Maksym Shestovytskyi became a Level C Certified Project Manager, confirming that he is able to manage projects and work effectively in a management team of complex projects in different project management areas (certified for 5 years).

Project Manager Certification is conducted in accordance with the requirements of IPMA and has several levels (A, B, C, D); the certification requirements are the same in all countries, the examination is carried out all around the world and is based on the similar questions, randomly selected from a question database. The higher level of certification, the greater the requirements to the knowledge and experience of the candidate. The highest level is A; this level involves management experience in project-oriented organisation. Levels B and C involve a management experience to individual projects and have different requirements to the complexity and scale of projects.

Based on this certification program the Ukrainian Project Management Association, as a national representative of the IPMA®, provides certification that focuses on the specifics of the Ukrainian culture in project management.

The receipt of this IPMA® certificate by Softengi Project Managers once again confirms that in addition to relevant skills, which have certified Project Managers, the company is able to comply with the business interests of its customers and successfully implement projects of any complexity.

About the Company:

Softengi Company provides IT outsourcing and has fifteen years of experience in this field. The company is the part of the Intecracy Group. The main areas of work are the development of software for foreign customers, establishment of development and operation centers, which cover the full cycle of the processes of the customer.

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