Softengi’s Advances are Recognized by Our Reliable Customer

Softengi’s Advances are Recognized by Our Reliable Customer

Softengi has started to cooperate with Eturi on our current project OurPact 1,5 years ago. Eturi is a leader in the mobile management industry and provides highly scalable and secure cloud solutions. We have been working on development of the OurPact App – a family locator and parental control application.

Eturi’s management highly evaluates our efforts within the whole development process:

“I’d like to highlight, that the experienced team of Softengi’s architects and web developers has succeeded to create a fully-featured web version of the OurPact platform. Its QA engineers have accomplished the complete testing of the product, both web version and mobile application. Continually, the development team applies an innovative approach to improve the power of our software and add more functional features to it.”

                                                                                                      Jim Magner President COO

“In the course of the work on the OurPact project, Softengi has proved to be a highly competent and responsive team of experts in the field of software development and testing. Project team, consisting of project manager, developers, architects and testers, appeared to be capable to meet any customer’s demands, flexible enough to cater to our needs and ready to address any arising challenges.”



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